TraMineR: a Sequence Analysis Toolkit

TraMineR is a R-package for manipulating, describing, visualizing, and analyzing sequences of states or events, and more generally discrete sequence data. Its primary aim is the analysis of longitudinal data in the social sciences, such as data describing careers, family trajectories, and time-use. However, most of its features also apply to many other kinds of categorical sequence data. They include: Click here for a short preview of what TraMineR can do for you!

What does TraMineR stand for?

It is a contraction of Life Trajectory Miner for R (and was inspired by the authors' taste for Gewürztraminer wine).

Who is developing TraMineR?

TraMineR is developed at the Institute of Demography and Socioeconomics (IDESO), University of Geneva, Switzerland. The package is currently maintained by TraMineR was originally created by Alexis Gabadinho, Gilbert Ritschard, Matthias Studer, and Nicolas S. Müller within the project Mining event histories funded by the Swiss National Foundation for Scientific Research under grants FN-116416 and FN-122230. It later benefited from contributions of Reto Bürgin and Pierre-Alexandre Fonta thanks to support of the NCCR LIVES - overcoming vulnerability: life course perspectives.

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