Getting Help


A good place to get help about TraMineR and related packages is StackExchange, either under CrossValidated (CV) for questions regarding statistical interpretation and methodological issues, or StackOverflow (SO) for R-code related questions.

Search: You can search for already posted questions under the traminer tag in both CV and SO. And do not forget to vote for questions and answers so as to help other users to identify the most useful topics.

Ask: Tips about how-to-ask questions on StackExchange and how to make a great R-reproducible example. Mark your questions with the traminer tag to have it listed under this tag and alert one another when questions are posted.

On you can create a filter to be alerted whenever someone asks a question with the traminer tag.

Contacting us

TraMineR team

If you need to contact the team, you can send an e-mail.